To honour the contribution to West House and the Pinner community by the outgoing chairman of The West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust, Martin Verden, the first-floor gallery and function room in West House, Pinner, with its beautiful outlook over the lake and Pinner Memorial Park, has been renamed The Verden Gallery.

Announcing the dedication of the Gallery, the Trust’s new chairman Cynthia Wells said: “In 2001, with the backing of the Pinner Association, Nick Coleman and I set up The West House & Heath Robinson Museum Trust and invited Martin Verden to chair the Fundraising Committee. This Martin did with great success and eventually in 2007 took over as Chairman of the Trust.

Nick, Martin, Keith Schofield and I, and in due course Cliff Lichfield – ‘the local trustees’ as we were called – worked closely and seamlessly together, raising the money needed and in due course restoring and then running West House. Throughout this, we were fortunate to have the full support of our friends and colleagues at the William Heath Robinson Trust and our local Councillors.

It is impossible adequately to describe what Martin brought to our project. Experience of the business world, wisdom and charm, which persuaded people to give us their support, and networking skills which opened doors (including many Council doors) which might otherwise have been closed to us. And total commitment and real friendship. We could never have achieved what we have done here without Martin, and the support of Martin’s wife, Joanne.

We are delighted to announce that henceforth our beautiful Upstairs Gallery at West House is renamed The Verden Gallery, to honour and commemorate everything Martin Verden has brought to the benefit of West House and the wider Pinner community.”

Martin and Joanne Verden commented: “We are delighted that the lovely gallery in West House has been renamed in this way and hope that all visitors and guests at events in the gallery continue to enjoy West House as much as we do.”

Photo: Mike Popper of P3r Engineers Ltd

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