Secret Art Sale – All the Pictures!

At the beginning of November, over 130 artists donated works on canvas for sale to raise money for the Heath Robinson Museum. We are very grateful to everyone who took part in our first Secret Art Sale. The quality of the works was outstanding and this was shown by the very high number sold – 122 out of 138 in the end. In addition, illustrator Peter Cross gave his work which has been sold at the Chris Beetles Gallery’s ‘The Illustrators’ exhibition. We believe that with Gift Aid, the total amount raised will be around £5000. If you didn’t have the chance to donate, you can do so NOW on this link. We still need to raise £100,000 to develop the Museum!

Our volunteer Colin Robinson has kindly put together two complete posters with all the works of art and the names of the artists. One is also on display on the noticeboard at the bottom entrance to Pinner Memorial Park, and the other on the Museum building hoarding.

A note for your diary – the next Secret Art Sale is planned for 5th-6th November 2016.

sas_artist_pictures_one sas_artist_pictures_two

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