The Shop

Several illustrated books about Heath Robinson and his work are sold.   They range in price upwards from £4.99 to £50 but the most popular Contraptions and Britain at Play, both edited by Geoffrey Beare, sell @ £25 with the latter also in paperback @ £14.99.

All Pinner Local History Society books are stocked together with other publications relating to Pinner and because West House is a War Memorial there are many books and items connected with both World Wars.

Cards & Postcards
William Heath Robinson blank cards are sold for £1.75 with postcards @ 50p also featuring many of his illustrations.   Pinner views are also well represented both on cards and postcards.   At Christmas we have cards with seasonal Heath Robinson illustrations.

Kiddies Corner
We have several pocket money items which will keep the little ones occupied whilst you browse the shelves and look round the Gallery.

For further information about the above please contact Judith Elliott, our Shop Manager, at who is happy to send any item plus appropiate postage.

‘There is more to a House than meets the Eye’

Following his research into the gold medal architect Cecil Brewer and his talented client Sir Ambrose Heal, Jim Golland, the noted local historian, wrote a fascinating book, with Joanne Verden, named after the house they built, ‘The Fives Court’, which celebrated its centenary in 2000.

It includes an entertaining account of the social background of the 1900’s, the struggles, successes and loves of some Pinner families. There are 70 black and white and coloured illustrations. This is a limited edition and will be a collector’s item.

Price: £10.00 plus £1.00 postage. Proceeds donated to the West House Appeal.  Available from the shop  for £9 and  from The Fives Court, Moss Lane, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 3AG. Cheques payable to M Verden.

To date sales of the book have raised over £1,000 towards the appeal.