Heath Robinson Museum on London Live

LondonLive TV is interested in plotting the progress of the Heath Robinson Museum, as it is the first new bespoke museum in London for many years and will enrich the architectural heritage of the capital. We welcomed journalist Luke Garratt on December 21st. He both filmed the ongoing building works and also interviewed two trustees with particular knowledge – Cynthia Wells, Acting Chairman of The West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust and Dr Peter Higginson, art historian, great nephew of William Heath Robinson and Chair of the William Heath Robinson Trust.

Luke filmed a number of Heath Robinson’s illustrations and works representative of the collection, and we expect he will visit us again later as the Luke Garratt WHR Gallery Luke Cynthia Building Workslaunch date approaches.

The item will appear on Tuesday 5th January on London Live’s morning news (8.30 to 10am), on the lunchtime news (12.30 to 14.00) and on the evening news (18.00 to 19.00 ). The channel is on Freeview and Sky. Do watch or set your recorders! We hope this is just a start and that more coverage will be the order of the day.

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