Development of West House


Visitors to Daisy’s in the Park will, I am sure, agree that the renovation of West House has transformed the Pinner Memorial Park.  The café/bistro could not be in a more delightful spot with its lovely view over the lawn and lake, with space to sit and for children to play in the open air when the weather is good.
I hope many of you will also have visited the gallery at West House to see original works by the internationally acclaimed illustrator Heath Robinson, bought presents in the shop there and even attended events in the Upstairs Gallery.  These have ranged from private parties to art exhibitions, from study days to training sessions.
On Saturday 16 February, a very special event was held.  There was a very well attended Public Consultation about The West House & Heath Robinson Trust’s plans to extend West House.  The extension on the north side of West House will include two new galleries – one for prestigious visiting exhibitions, the other will be a permanent gallery showing the life and work of Heath Robinson. (The present gallery is too small to do this artist justice.)  Once the galleries are built, the whole collection of The William Heath Robinson Trust will be stored at West House.
There will also be a special room adjoining the permanent gallery where children and families can enjoy activities based on things they have seen in the galleries.   It will also be used by students from universities and schools, and adults interested in illustration, and for community activities.
We hope these new amenities for Pinner and the Borough will be welcomed by local residents (this will be Harrow’s first public art gallery) as well as by visitors from afar.  A visit to Daisy’s in the future should be even more rewarding than it is at present.
Cynthia Wells

Artist’s Impression of the Developed West House





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