Art again at West House

From April 12th-15th, West House was the venue for an exhibition displaying the paintings of artist Jonathan Hutchins.

The artist, who works part time in the learning support department of Harrow College, chose West House to exhibit his latest work, which included Hutchins’ current project, a series of oil paintings inspired by First World War poet David Jones’ In Parenthesis. Hutchins also displayed his religious paintings, painted for Pinner Parish Church, which depict 14 Stations of the Cross.

Compliments towards Hutchins’ paintings were offered, praising both the ‘vivid colours’ and also the ‘powerful’ and ‘poignant’ nature of the paintings.

The upstairs gallery excelled as a venue, with Hutchins himself commenting that it was ‘a very good space’; the sun-drenched balcony was also popular with visitors.

Hutchins plans a second exhibition for West House this October, displaying his finished paintings from Jones’ In Parenthesis. In the meanwhile, more information can be found at

West House again demonstrated its effectiveness as an exhibition venue. Help us develop this space and make the Heath Robinson Museum a reality. Donate using this link:
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